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What I Offer:

  • Music Videos
  • Commercials
  • Wedding Photos/Video
  • Family Photos
  • Couples/Engagement Photos
  • Testimonies/Interviews
  • Real Estate Photos/Videos
  • Senior Pictures
  • Landscape/Wildlife Photos
  • Product Photography
  • Sound Design/Production
  • Voiceovers
  • Commercial Jingles
  • Song Mixing

Jared Bayless

I’ve been doing professional photography, videography, producing, editing, coloring, and sound design for over 15 years. I want to take your project to the next level. If my name is attached to it, I guarantee it will stand out above the rest.

Everyone loves a good story. A good story draws us in and takes us into another world. I am a storyteller. In whatever I do, I’m always telling a story or someone else’s story and creating new worlds. Let’s tell your story and let others in on the world you see and want to show others.


professional quality

Featured Services

Music speaks to our soul. There is a story behind every song written by every artist. Let's tell that story. Let's make it a movie.
Video Editing
Do you have footage you need edited? I can help with that. Let's make the story come alive.
Do you need your video color graded? I can help with that. I have a unique style that stands out from all the rest.
Wedding Photos/Videography
Do you want amazing cinematic wedding photos or videos for your big day? I can do that. Just let me know which one.
Real Estate Photos/Videos
Need professional photos or video walk-throughs for your listing? I can do that.
Family/Couples/Senior Pics
You love your family and your kids. So let's show them off, shall we?

Contact me for a consultation.

You will love working with me because I love being creative and love working with people!

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